IMCA modifieds #39 & 49 from Las Vegas, NV

Our Sponsors

Those who help in many ways to keep us racing



North Las Vegas NV



California Tool & Welding Supply

(951) 686-7822

Welding Equipment and supplies 201 N. Main St. Riverside, CA 92501


Silver Dollar Recycling

North Las Vegas, NV

Jerry's Extreme Machine

Pahrump, Nevada



O’Hanley’s 9” Rear Ends (and other parts)

North Las Vegas, NV

Jacks Machine Shop  

Las Vegas, NV

Bryke Racing Parts

Lincoln, AR


So, you’re wondering what we might spend the sponsorship money we get on? Well here is some of the cost associated with our racing


Racecar- Methanol Alcohol 20-30 gals  $3.00 -$5.00 a gallon 

Truck – Diesel   30-40 gallons $3.85-$4.25 a gallon

Entry fee

 – Car &driver $40.00-50.00 per race, $30.00 per crew member


 $103.00 each We average  one new tire every 3 races


 $69.95.00-$150.00  seems we  need one new shock every 5  or so races


$20.00 material ( we make our own)  one every 6-7 races


$270.00  material ( we make our own)  a new body every 10 races.


$250.00 -$4,000.00 

We get at least one year from our racing engines, sometimes we get less (a lot less) and some engines we get more, but we try and build one new engine each season. Last year I started with three engines, and after four races was down to one.


If you think that is pricy, take a look at what the Sprint cup guys are trying to get:

Sprint Cup Sponsorship


Email me for information other sponsorship opportunities on the Durica racing cars

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