Durica Racing,

IMCA modifieds #39 & 49 from Las Vegas, NV

Race report 1/31/09


We had high hopes with the new engine in place Saturday afternoon, in hot laps the car ran great and I didn’t make any changes for the heat. However, after a few laps in the heat I lost fuel pressure so I pulled into the pits and we got to work replacing the fuel pump.

I started near the back in the main, and the car was running pretty good, the middle lane was starting to come in when BAM! Coming out of the fourth corner the engine broke and I coasted around the track.

Sunday, when we got the engine out of the car (and looked through the new  convenient inspection hole that is now in the oil pan), we saw a broken piston. So I guess I ran the engine a little leaner then I thought and broke a piston.

But now we are through with January and I hope finished with the rash of problems that have plagued us this month.

So far this month we have managed to rack up an impressive array or broken stuff: one transmission, Two tires, One blown engine, Two broken rocker arm studs, One bent tie –rod, and two bent bumpers. Also the body on the car is beginning to look like we had a fight with a can opener and lost.  However, we have one more race to run in the Winter days of thunder series at Mohave valley raceway so we will put in old faithful engine for one more run and get to rebuilding  it after next weekend.



Once again we have to thank our sponsors 

Cole Industries, Inc

Silver Dollar Recycling

Desert Industrial Gases

O’Hanley’s 9” rear-ends 

Jacks Machine Shop


AND don’t forget

We are also looking for additional sponsors for 2009

Until then offers of encouragement, money or product sponsors can reach me at Rick@duricaracing.com

Our plans are to run about 25 IMCA points’ races between Ft Mohave and Death Valley if the crew and checkbook can keep up.