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we raced 3 weekends in a row, threw in a  visit from the family , a 3 day business trip to Palm Springs, CA , changed one engine, rebuilt the transmission and we haven't even got through with January yet!

 After the last race at the Mohave Valley raceway we had found we had broken our 2nd best engine,  not too bad, but I knew towards the end of last year it was time for a rebuild, but after having engine problems with our "good" engine Thursday at the duel in the desert we stuck it in and left it since. So during our two weeks we found the time to swap engines. Hopefully this engine will perform as well and as long as the engine we took out. We will be racing at the Mohave Valley raceway this Saturday afternoon, the weather forecast is excellent so we hope to see a lot of fans in the stands. Stop by after the races and say hello if you have the time.


Saturday we will be at the  


Hope to see you Saturday afternoon!

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